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Alex ♥
24 January 2019 @ 09:48 pm

[ much love to: lambert-pics.com, loveicon, frozen_di, eirenealethia, and feel resources ]

I use this journal to express everything from the highlights to the low points of my day, I use it to excessively fangirl over whatever holds my interest at that particular moment, I use it as an outlet for whatever emotion, and I've decided to f-lock it exactly for those reasons; I'd like to know who's reading about my life. =)

I've left a few entries public to give you a look at what I talk about and how I go about it; if you'd like to get to know me more, then, please - by all means, comment away. (:

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Alex ♥
21 December 2010 @ 06:55 pm
We Walk Along Winding Roads, by Alex Sorensen (ilytheira)
What do you do when you're faced with a choice between what is legally (and what was then so 7very) right, and what your heart defines as "right" right now? One is always faced with obstacles that must be overcome to be able to continue on with their life, whether it is a fear of heights or of clowns; but for Michael Johns, "overcoming" his "obstacle" isn't going to be that easy.

The chapter list for this fanfic have been moved here!

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Alex ♥
13 September 2009 @ 06:29 pm
- Our complex still has no internet, so I'm doing this via my phone. Thank goodness for Blog Warrior, because my Sidekick's internet isn't that great or that fast. I should get a phone with a faster internet connection—I think, one of these days, I'll get the SK LX '09, since it's possible to view YouTube vids on it, and the internet's faster.

- We're on our way to the Tam O'Shanter for a nice dinner. Drake's with us (not that one!), but Kris (not that one, either!) is busy tonight. Would've been fun. It'll be nice to have his view on my, er, complicated (ish) situation with Eric. Hm.

- This is rather short, isn't it? LOL. My week's been pretty uneventful, can you tell?

- Dinnertime! Text or DM me—I have all other notifications off~
Alex ♥
I've literally had this batch sitting around for days, sooooo, no, I absolutely have not even gone through my most recently saved pictures (LOL, oh dear).

[41] Adam Lambert
[09] Adam Lambert/Brad Bell (Bradam)


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+ unless otherwise noted, textless icons are not bases.
Alex ♥
11 August 2009 @ 03:21 am
Just a quick update, darlings. :)

From now on, I'll be linking to all of my fics at usedtoshine; all the fics posted there are Idol 8 onwards, so all of my Mavid can still be found at elusiveforever (a small number of Mavid lyric icons can also be found at that journal as well). Speaking of icons, I've been debating about moving my icons to usedtoshine, now that I'm pretty sure I can actually maintain it and ilytheira at the same time. We'll see; that's still up in the air.

I will be using a Twitter (usedtoshine) for fic updates, and it'll be used only for fic updates - such as links to the most recent fics and ideas for new ones - so I won't check it as often, nor will it be as active, as my personal Twitter at alexilytheira. You're more than welcome to follow both, if you wish.

It's an idea I started to throw around in my head earlier today. While I work on two, possibly three, fics (faerielissa's tour fic that I've yet to finish and is ridiculously overdue and a Harry Potter Kradam AU; I've been thinking of keeping that as present-day Potterverse, while writing another oneshot set in the Marauders era, hence the Adam/Sirius idea I may have been bouncing off of some of you), I'll be needing the inspiration to keep up with them, hence the idea of fic requests. I'll probably use alexilytheira to Tweet more information about it, something like Have a fic request? Tweet it over to @usedtoshine and then have a link to usedtoshine for an example of my writing.

When I'm ready for requests, I'll also post a head's-up here (probably something along the lines of fic requests open in bigger font, with a link on over to usedtoshine) and on both Twitters (both given above). A more cohesive post on fic requests should be up over on the fic journal hopefully some time within the week, if not the weekend.

Thank you for your time! ♥.